About Us

Marilyn, co-owner of Composed Lotus and lead editor, spent 35 years in Information Technology, starting as a computer programmer and finishing with helping businesses outsource their IT services to the companies she worked for. During this time, she wrote and edited many sales proposals that won new clients and hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue.

Writing to busy executives and nitpicky decision-makers of these client firms was great practice for her. She learned what it takes to be clear, concise, and comprehensible in writing.

Marilyn does freelance editing and has edited over 200 fiction and nonfiction books in multiple genres. Over the past few years, Marilyn has edited for ghostwriters and authors from around the world. Marilyn is a 2021 graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Editing Certificate program. Marilyn is an ultra-organized, independent worker who meets deadlines, and a life-long learner, researcher, and writer.

Together, Shane and Marilyn have worked with clients on several Amazon Best Sellers, many of which have hit the number-one spot in a variety of genres.

Shane, co-owner of Composed Lotus and lead writer, has been a lover of the craft since the day he could read. He writes in many different genres, including but not limited to thriller, mystery, horror, romance, and general fiction. He has also excelled in non-fiction, writing books on sports, cooking, history, self-help, and biography. 

Shane’s creative mind never rests. He enjoys collaborating with a variety of clients to bring their story ideas to life.

Shane has been writing for over twenty-five years and prides himself on being conscientious, punctual, collaborative, and a good communicator. He never misses a deadline and always produces impeccable quality in his work.

I’ve been working with Composed Lotus for about two years now, and they have consistently delivered such high-quality and professional pieces of work at an affordable price throughout. As a publisher, I have used many different writers and editors throughout the years and have received such a wide range in quality from them. I can comfortably say that the quality of work from Composed Lotus is by far the best that I have ever received, and not only that, but they always deliver their work on time and are willing to make any changes I ask for. They are the only company I use for any writing or editing I need and really make your life easy.

Erik W., a Composed Lotus client

Why “Composed Lotus”?

Here’s why we are so passionate about our company name. As a huge fan of world travel and culture, it was natural that Marilyn would look to her favourite country, India, for inspiration.

The lotus is the national flower of India, and it’s also a symbol of rebirth.

The lotus grows up out of the mud and becomes a beautiful flower, petal by petal. That’s what writing and editing feels like to our team.

And why “composed”? Because composed describes how our team operates. We are all professionals and pride ourselves on quality work. And it’s a play on the written word.

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