Editing Services


Copyediting is done once your manuscript doesn’t require any structural changes. I have extensive experience editing nonfiction, specifically in the areas of business and technology, self-improvement, mental health and diet & nutrition.

I focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, word usage, verb tense, language, and basic checking of facts.

I will also check for run-on sentences, wordiness, overused words, sentence structure and improving passages that don’t read well.

Not only did Marilyn preserve my voice, but she enhanced it. My manuscript improved dramatically after I enlisted Marilyn’s help, and I could not be happier with her tireless work.

A. Nagel, new author


Proofreading is done as the final check before production of the final document copy.

I focus on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting such as page breaks and page numbering.


Copyediting$.025 per word
Proofreading$.015 per word